STRYPER  -  The  Final  Battle   (Added  221210)

stryper the final battle melodic metal at its finest

ALL  FOR  THE  KING  -  Let  There  Be  Light  (Added  221210)

all for the king let there be light great heavy metal for fans of place of skulls, early veni domine 
and black sabbath

SOUNDLESS  WHISPER  -  Breakthrough  (Added  221210)

soundless whisper breakthrough heavy gothic progressive and melodic rock/metal

OBLIVION  MYTH  -  In  Your  Arms  (Added  221210)

oblivion myth in your arms

HALO  -  Life  Goes  On  (Added  221210)

halo life goes on

NORTHERN  FLAME  -  Twisted  Reality  (Added  221210)

northern flame twisted reality guitar shredding power metal from finland

FLAMES  OF  FIRE  -  Flames  of  Fire  (Added  221210)

flames of fire great swedish guitar shredding melodic metal

THE  BRAVE  -  Gravedigger  (Added  221210)

the brave gravedigger

SEVENTH  SERVANT  -  The  Tree  of  Life  (Added  221210)

FLOOD  -  Polarized  (Added  221210)

flood polarized great metal album with guy ritter gary lenaire eric mendez and david husvik for fans
of tourniquet pathogenic ocular dissonance