OBLIVION  MYTH  -  In  Your  Arms

oblivion myth in your arms
Metal For Jesus Cross Metal For Jesus Cross Metal For Jesus Cross Metal For Jesus Cross

Oblivion Myth just keeps improving with each release. They have expanded their sound and on this album we can enjoy several tracks of catchy euro power metal (Theocracy, Harmony Seventh Avenue). But the base musically speaking is still progressive heavy metal, although this time with more harmonies incorporated than before. A cool thing I totally enjoy is the massive backing vocals in the choruses. My wish for coming releases is that they keep going on the melodic euro power metal path, cause that fits them perfectly. Musicianship and vocals are stellar, as well as the lyrics that are all based on Bible verses. Also enjoy the thick cool booklet with plenty of photos and info. An important thing however to keep in mind is that this album is a grower, so it do needs some spins before it really sinks in and you can enjoy it full on. One last thing that is a big plus is that this band not only play Metal but also looks 100% Metal with lots of spikes and leather. To sum it up this is a strong release from a quality band. I give it 4 guitars.

For orderinfo visit the band's website: https://oblivionmyth.com/