When you have become a Christian it's very important that you don't stay there but continue to walk with Jesus and grow in faith! The moment when you became a Christian it's just the beginning of a very exciting life! God has so much more for you. God loves you so much and He really wants the best for you. He wants to guide you and help you with every part of your life. But if you just sit there and don't try to walk on with Jesus you will never grow as a Christian. You have to walk on with Jesus if you really want your Christian life to be the ultimate life!

In this section I take up some fundamental things that will help you to grow in faith and go on with Jesus...

The Christian life is a living relationship with God. And as you know it's very hard to have a relationship with someone that you not take time to be with. It's the same thing with our relationship with God, if we don't take time to be with Him then our relationship with God will fade away. God is our best friend and He wants to help us in every part of our life. That's why it's so important that we take time to be with God and let Him share our troubles and causes of rejoicing.

The more we take time with Him the better we will know Him and understand how much He loves us and what plans He has for our lives. We have to take time with God and really show Him that He is our number one.

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