The Bible is a book that's 100% inspired by God and therefore it is the Word of God. <2 Timothy 3:16>

God can't lie and what He saids is more solid than the ground we stands upon therefore we can trust it to 100% and know that it's the truth. <Hebrews 6:18, Matthew 24:35>

One thing that's very important in your Christian life is that you take time to read the Bible.

  • First of all because we want to get to know God better.

  • To get guidance in our daily life. God's Word it's like a candle in the dark and helps us to know which way to go. <Psalms 119:105, Psalms 32:8>

  • To grow in our spiritual life. To grow in our Christian life we need food. We get that food thru reading the Bible. <Matthew 4:4, Romans 10:17>. The Bible gives us the food that our spirit needs to not perish. As sure as our body can't live without food, our spirit can't live without reading the Bible. We need to read the Bible every day to always keep our relationship with God fresh and alive. If you don't read the Bible regularly your Christian life will be as lifeless as a desert! But if you read the Bible and take time to be with the Lord every day you will keep your relationship with God fresh and alive.

  • To reveal false teachings. The Bible tells us that in the last days (the time we now live in!) there will be lots of false teachings and false prophets. <Matthew 24:3-5, Mark 13:3-6, Mark 13:21-22> That's why it's so important to know what the Bible saids so we can compare all teachings with the Word of God. The fact is that every teaching that doesn't agree with what the Word of God saids, is a false teaching! Therefore compare every teaching with what the Bible saids. If you aren't aware of what the Bible saids you can get cheated into almost anything.

  • To know what you believe in. The more of God's Word you know and act upon the stronger your faith will be. <Romans 10:17>

  • To always keep your Sword sharp! The Bible is the sword that God has given us, so we can conquer all the temptations we meet. <Ephesians 6:17> A sword that isn't sharp does no good. Therefore we need to keep it in good condition and sharpen it (improve our bibleknowledge) every day so it's always sharp and ready to be used!

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