On this section I give some advice aimed to help and encourage all you christian metal bands out there to become successful ministers for the Lord. I'm not saying that I have all the answers but I really think that these advice will be helpful and a blessing to you if you follow them.

The Bible says that if we seek God's Kingdom first He will take care of the rest. <Matthews 6:33> God knows our needs and He has promised to take care of them if we seek His Kingdom first.

In fact it's more important that you take time with God (in prayer and by studying the Bible) than that you practise. Cause if you don't have anything to give from God when you stand on stage your words will have no effect. Our daily relationship with Christ is more important than anything else.

It's also important that you let God be a part of the band and everything you do. Let your band be directed by God and share both the big and the small things with God. Let God be the extra bandmember in your band. Then He will help and direct you and open the doors for you.

Michael Sweet from Stryper says this about the band's attitude: My advice to young bands is to seek God with all your heart. And that's it. That's what Stryper did in the beginning. We had biblestudies in our garage several times a week. We talked with God and about God all the time. That was what it all was about. Music meant nothing. The band meant nothing. God meant everything.

If your band has the same attitude God will bless you in an incredible way and everything will fall into place. It's first when God is more important than anything else that God really can start using you and your band. If you spend just as much time to be with God as you spend with your instrument God will use you in a mighty way. There is no limits to what God can do through you and your band if you give yourself to God to 100%. There is no limits!

Prayer is extremely important! If you don't take time in prayer both individually and as a band you will never have any success in spreading the kingdom of God. God really wants to help you to be all He has planned, but you have to take time with Him so He can show you His will. If you take time in prayer God will help you, give you ideas and take care of your needs.

Take time to pray together before the gigs. Pray that God will use you and give you the right words to say. Pray that God's Holy Spirit will touch peoples hearts and that the audience will be open and receptible to the message of Christ.

Our whole life we have to prioritize the right things. Our first priority as christians should always be to take time with God both in prayer and by reading the Word of God (the Bible). The Bible gives us food for our spirit, and without food our spirit will die. To try to live for God without reading the Bible is just as foolish as walking in the desert without water.

It's very important that we feed ourselves daily with the Bible, cause then we will have strength to overcome temptations and also to divide right from wrong. <Hebrews 4:12> Even Jesus needed to know the Scriptures to be able to overcome Satan's temptations. <Matthews 4:1-11> Then how much more should not we need to know them??

Out on the road and on secular clubs you will face many temptations. But if you are rooted in the Bible you will overcome them, cause you will never be tempted beyond your strength. <1 Corintians 10:13>

You have to arm yourself with the Bible, cause it's your sword, and you need to use it to win victory. <Ephesians 6:17> Therefore let God's Word be a first priority even when you are out on the road. A good thumb rule is to start every day with studying the Bible and some time in prayer. Then you'll have the right focus and be ready to meet whatever you will face during the day.

God is a holy God and He wants us to live a holy life. <1 Peter 1:14-16> The Bible even tells us that without holiness we will not see God. <Hebrews 12:14> You are also accountable to your fans. They are looking up to you and following your example. As a band you have a lot of responsibility, therefore you have to try to be as good example as possible and can't allow yourself to sleep around with groupies and other sinful behaviours.

We as christians are ambassadeurs of Christ. We are Christ's representatives on earth. <2 Cor 5:20> Then we can't live a sinful life but got to watch our steps. Even nonchristians expect that we have a higher standard than they have. The simple truth is that the more holy and dedicated to God we get, the more God will use us.

Pray that God will guard your heart and minds so you don't get caught up in pride. Remember that God is the real source for your success and the glory belongs to Him and to Him alone.

To get people's ear you can't sound like garbage! Make sure you spend plenty of time in practise so you get a tight sound. Don't settle with mediocrocy but strive for perfection as much as possible. If you sound good musically people will also be more open to what you have to say. Many nonchristians have the misconception that all christian bands sound like garbage. Let's prove them that they are wrong!

I can also highly recommend that you check out book In Tune. It is a great handbook for metal ministry. You can read a review of it on the book section

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