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Welcome to the Christian Metal chart Metal Countdown! The idea of Metal Countdown is to make it to the Ultimate Christian Metal Chart with both classics from the past and the present. Hope you enjoy it! If you like to you can also vote on your fave's! Voting rules are simple, just pick out your 3 fave´s of the 15 tunes below and then fill in the voting form You can also listen to the tunes at my soundpage. (So you know what you are voting on :-)

All you have to do to listen to the tracks is to use your RealAudio player. If you don't have one you can download it forfree at this site Metal Countdown is also an independent section of the Metal For Jesus Page where you can find plenty of Christian Metal info.

You are always welcome to mail me your comments, questions etc aboutthe bands or tunes at Metal Countdown and I will be happy to answer you. There is also a guestbook where you can write some comments. If you play in a Christian Metal band and want your tunes to be played on Metal Countdown you can find more info here


  1. (2) THEOCRACY Bethlehem   40p  soundfile info
  1. (3) DELIVERANCE Flesh And Blood   40p  soundfile info
  3. (-)  THEOCRACY    On Eagles Wings     30p    soundfile    info 
  3. (3) STRYPER Murder By Pride   30p  soundfile info
  3. (3) KREYSON Cry Out   30p  soundfile info
  6. (-)  SAINT     New World Order    20p    soundfile    info 
  6. (1)   DRIVER     Fly Away    20p    soundfile    info 
  6. (3)   ADMONISH    Istid (Ice Age)   20p    soundfile  info
  6. (3)   HORDE    Drink From The Chalice of Blood    20p    soundfile    info 
  10. (-)   DELIVERANCE    Jehovah Jireh   10p    soundfile  info

The number in paranthesis is the place the tune had last round.

"New" Classics to vote on!

 MASTEDON    It's A Jungle Out There     soundfile    info 
  VENIA    The Blood of The Lamb    soundfile    info 
  HB    It Is Time    soundfile    info 
  NARNIA    When The Stars Are Falling    soundfile    info 
  VENIA    A Sigh of Redemption     soundfile    info 

Vote on your favourites!

Take the chance to vote your fave's to the top! If there are some tunes that you haven't heard you can always listen to them first at the soundpage. Then it's just to pick out your 3 favourites of the 15 tunes and fill in this form

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If you want to get notified when the chart is updated just mail me and I'll add you tothe mailinglist.

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