It's cool to be a Christian!! So many people think it's boring and uncool to be a Christian but that's totally wrong. The Christian life is the most most joyful and meaningful life there is. The Christian life is the ultimate life! The Bible says that Jesus have come to give us life, abundant life. (John 10:10) We can have that life when we start to live for Jesus.

The Christian life is so much more than going to church and singing psalms, it's a living relationship with God every day! When you become a Christian God becomes your best friend, a friend whom you can share everything with.

And you don't have to cut your hair or change the way you look either just because you are a Christian. The Bible tells us clearly that God looks at our inner body not on our outer look. He judges us by our hearts. That what's counts to God not if you wear a threepiecesuit or jeans. (1 Samuel 16:7)

And you know what? God can forgive all your sins in the past if you just turn from them and turn to God instead. The Bible says that if we confess our sins to God and ask for His forgiveness He forgives everything and gives us a brand new life with Him.(Acts 3: 19, 1 John 1:7-9, Romans 10:9-10, Isaiah 1:18, 2 Corintians 5:17) Yes, God forgives your sins and He also forgets them. They are gone forever. (Hebrews 10:17, Psalms 103:12) So no matter what you may have done in the past God can forgive you all. All He asks from you is that you are sorry for what you have done and ask for His forgiveness. (Proverbs 28:13, I John 1:9, Romans 10:9-10)

And you know what? God still loves you even if you hate Him. God still loves you even if you are satanist, whore, thief, murderer or anything else. No matter who you are and no matter what you may have done in the past God still loves you. He don't like your evil ways of course but He still loves you as a person. He even loved you so much that He sent His only son Jesus here to earth to die for your sins! (John 3:16) Jesus never did anything wrong still He was willing to die for your sins on the cross (Hebrews 4:15) He took your penalty in your place. And if you believe that Jesus did this for you and receive him as Lord of your life, God promises that He will forgive you all your sins and give you a brand new life in communion with Him. (Romans 10:9-10, I John 1:9, 2 Corintians 5:17 )

Yeah, that's true you can have it today if you want it. All it takes is a simple prayer where you turn to God and pray God for forgiveness of your sins and ask Jesus to take full control of your life. It's that simple. You don't even have to go to a priest or something like that, you can do it right where you are. The most important thing isn't the words but that you are serious in what you are doing. You can't play games with God, He knows you better than you know yourself. He knows if you are serious or not. But if you are serious God will forgive your sins and give your life real meaning. God will forget all the evil things you have done in the past and give you a brand new life instead.

And if you turn to Him, He surely will turn to you and forgive and forget all the past forever! But don't wait too long to turn to Christ. You don't have any promise for tomorrow. The Bible says that the day of Salvation is today. (2 Corintians 6:2) Today you got the chance. You don't even know if you are alive tomorrow, but today you got the chance to turn to Christ. So don't blow it!

This is the most important decision you will ever make in your life and decides where you will spend your eternity. And there is no middle ground, either you receive Christ or you are rejecting Him. If you choose to don't care about Christ you are in fact rejecting Him. If you reject Him he will reject you on judgement day.

The choice is yours...

Well, the Bible tells us that he had to die to conquer the penalty of sin. We all sin and the Bible says that the wages of sin is death. (Romans 3:23, 6:23) Jesus came to annulate the penalty of sin and therefore he had to die for us. But death wasn't the end, he rose again on the third day and conquered death. Because of this we can now have forgiveness of our sins if we just believe in Him. And that's not all, cause because of Jesus annulation of our sins we can now have a communion with God, we can now have a living relationship with God forever if we just believe that He did this for us. The way to Heaven is open for us. All it takes is to believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose again on the third day. If you do this and pray God to forgive your sins and let God have control of your life you will have a living relationship with God every day.

Of course the Christian life isn't always easy but God will help you thru even the bad times if you just put your trust in Him. When you start to live for Jesus you will have a purpose and meaning in your life that you just never have had before. The Christian life is the most meaningful, joyful and wonderful life you can ever have. So what are you waiting for??

When you have decided to follow Jesus it's important that you continue to go on with Christ.

Johannes Jonsson 1997-2011  e-mail: