This is a question I get quite often, so that's why I have made this page to try to answer this important
question. Personally I get almost all my Christian Metal albums from Christian Mailorder companys.
But you can always try to look for them at your local musicstore first. If you can't find them there
then ask for them and they might order some. Of course you can also find some at your local
Gospel store but you will definately find more titles at the mailorder companys listed below.


Christian Metal Distro

Boones Overstock

Girder Music

Nordic Mission (Good source especially if you live in Norway)

Metal Community (Swedish Metal Shop focusing on Classic Metal, Thrash and cool things with Stryper)

White Metal Shop (Swedish Metal Shop focusing on Extreme Metal, Punk and cool jewellry)

Soundmass (Good source especially if you live in Australia)

Good luck and God Bless!

In His Service

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