Where are we coming from? Are we just a product of millions of years of evolution? Are we just a mutated ape that happened to be a human? Or has God designed us and created us to be humans right from the beginning? That's some of the big questions I will tackle on this sermon.

Let's start with the beginning. According to most scientiests the universe was formed in a big explosion, the big bang. That's what we have been learned in school as truth. But this just a theory, a theory with several flaws. First, if something is to explode there has to be something that can explode. Then we can wonder, where did these things that exploded came from and Who placed them there?? Secondly if there is an explosion it always causes chaos, never order. But if we look on the universe we can see that it is very organized and everything seems to be in order. So according to what we can see there is much more logical and also scentific proof that points on that God has created the universe and not Big Bang.

It really saddens me that so many Christians don't trust in Genesis and don't believe God has created the earth and the whole universe, but instead trust in the evolution theory. If Genesis can't be trusted how then can you trust the rest of the Bible? I mean the foundation of the message of the Bible is found in Genesis and if you can't trust in that, you can't trust the rest either. Cause if the creation story is just a myth, how then can you trust that the rest of the Bible is valid? Cause if there wasn't any creation and then a fall of man into sin as Genesis says, then Jesus death and resurrection would be totally pointless. So, as you can see the creation story in the Bible is really crucial for our Christian faith and if the Bible can be trusted.

The foundation of the evolution theory is evolution. When people talk about evolution however you have to keep in mind that there are two differents kinds of evolution that are often mismatched. First there is microevolution, which means that an animal can adopt to the local circumstances where it lives and develop local habits, special functions etc. Microevolution is definately a reality and has been proven numerous times. Then secondly there is macroevolution, which scientists usually means when they talk about evolution.

Macroevolution means that one kind of animal after millions of years can develop into another kind of animal. This kind of evolution has however never been proven, and it has never been found any proof of this, ever!! Cause if macroevolution had happened, there would been millions of transition animals that were in the process to become other animals. Then you would also expect to find millions of transition animals as fossils etc, but the case is that they haven't found any transition animals at all! They have only found a few very questionable candidates, but none that without a doubt is a transition animal. What the scientists do have found are plenty of fossils that shows that the animals have looked about the same all through the ages. This is just what the Bible says in Genesis 1:1-25 that God from the beginning created the animals (fully functional) after their species.

The truth is that macroevolution just don't work, simply because halffunctional animals just wouldn't survive. And if macroevolution didn't happen then the whole evolution theory just fall into pieces cause that's the foundation of the whole evolution theory.

What then does science say about the Bible? The fact is that more and more findings and facts support the Creation story in the Bible and that we live on a young earth. All the fossils that have been found also shows that there has been a big flood that has buried the animals very quickly, cause if the animals had died a natural death they would just have rot and decayed and wouldn't be as well preserved as they are. It's just that facts that support the Bible leading science magazines don't want to publish, cause then people would start to question the validity of the evolution theory. But if you objectively examines what science have found out and what facts they have, there is much more findings pointing to that the Creation story in the Bible is true than there is for the evolution theory.

In school you learn that it's a fact that we humans have evolved from the monkeys. But if you check out the so called evidence for this you see there are very very few sceletons of the so called apemen. (There would have been thousands of sceletons of apemen not just a few if they ever existed) Secondly if you examine the sceletons in detail they do seem to be either monkeys or humans. In fact there are still humans today that look very similar to the sceletons they found and there are also monkeys that looks almost identical to the sceletons of the so called apemen they found. So it's pretty clear that the sceletons of apemen are either humans or monkeys. That monkeys and humans looks rather similar also don't show that we are related, just that we have the same Creator.

The Bible tells us that we always should be ready to give reasons for our faith. (1 Peter 3:15) That's why it is so important to have knowledge about topics like creation vs evolution since questions concerning our origin usually is the first nonchristians ask us.

Believing in evolution is for many the number one reason for not believing in the Bible and its message. The Bible tells us that there are strongholds (2 Cor 10:4-5) in peoples minds. Evolution faith is definately a stronghold that keeps many from believing in Christ and the message of the Bible. But the more people that understand that evolution is not a proven fact but an unproven hypothese, the more more people will be open for Christ and the message of salvation.

So my friends reading this, don't let the evolution believers shut you down with their propaganda, but instead stand up for Creation and our Creator! The Bible is valid and trustable, therefore we can fearlessly and boldly stand up for the Bible and its message.

For more info about creation vs evolution and other topics concerning our origin I can highly recommend that you check out Answers In Genesis website www.answersingenesis.org

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