The first commandment says that we shouldn't have any gods before God. <Exodus 20:3> When people talk about gods/idols many are just thinking about Allah, Buddha etc but a god/idol can also be a thing or a person or a band etc. If something in your life is more important than God, it has in reality become a god/idol, and taken the place that belongs to God! If this is the case for you, you need to ask God for forgiveness, repent from this sin, and then let God be God also in your life.

The tricky thing with idols is that even good things that there are nothing wrong with can become idols. Even christian music or your favourite band can become an idol, if it gets more important than God. We all need to be cautious and make sure that God is really the most important thing in our lives, not music or anything else. We need to have the right perspective and let things have their proper place and really let God be God in our lives and everything else second. No matter what idol you may have you need to ask for forgiveness and repent and then let God be in center and not the former idol.

A good way to show that God really is the most important one in your life is to stay away from your former idol for some time. This means that if music has been your idol, you can for example make a decision to stay away from it for a week, and spend some extra time with God instead. Then you really show that it is God and not music that is most important in your life.

Many Christians are lukewarm because they are living for other things than God. Because of this they are missing out the joy and close relation with God they could have if they just had let God be their number one. If you want your Christian life to be exciting you really need to let God be Lord of your life, cause then your relationship with God will really improve and you will come closer to God. As a result you will also find much more enjoyment in praying and reading the Bible.

But as long as you have other "gods" in your life you are missing out the intimate relation that God really wants to have with you. The Bible says so clear that if you come closer to God He will come closer to you. This means that if you get rid of "other gods" in your life God will come much closer to you. <James 4:8 > If you want to have the most out of your christian life it's only one way to go and that's to give God 100% and let Him and not anyone or anything else be Lord of your life.

Messiah Prophet sums up the message of this sermon well in the chorus of their song Voice That's Calling: "Jesus, Jesus, I will have no gods before you". I hope and pray that this will also be your song and your way of living.

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