Many have asked me what the christian metal bands sing about. Therefore I have decided to put up this section, to show you what the lyrics talk about. These are some of my favourite christian metal lyrics...

Flesh  and  Blood

Slaves to the power of sin / once in captivity to darkness; spiritually dead / A voice cried from the top of a hill / "It is finished"! / It awakened those who were once dead / but now we live / For us / now we live a new life in freedom / not being enslaved by the power of any / Jesus' blood has made us free / but the battle still remains / we contend not with flesh and blood / but with spiritual darkness /

For this we wage war / but not against man / this war is with darkness / and not against flesh and blood /

The Holy Book makes it clear as to how we ought to fight / put on the armour of God / not by your might / pray always with all supplication / in the spirit / to the pulling down of strongholds and crushing of Satan's plan / For this we... This war is not for wimps / the emaciated or the weak / it's for those who bear their cross and believe the power of Jesus' name / Christianity / a reality / It's a fight to let you know / about a man who gave his flesh and blood to save your hellbound soul.

From Deliverance's album Weapons of our Warfare

He  Died

He died for you and I. Oh Jesus, on that day. As he hangs on the cross for you and I, he said "Father, forgive forgive them, for they know not what they do". It's time you realize what he has done for you. Just open up your eyes and face the truth. Why don't you realize what God has done for you. He sent his only son to die for you.

And he died for you and I. Oh Jesus. And when they hung him on the cross. His face they did not recognize. And when they saw him hanging there. Oh, the pain.

He lives for you and I, oh, Jesus.

From Sacred Warrior's album Rebellion

Soldiers  Under  Command
M. Sweet/R. Sweet

We are the soldiers under God's command. We hold his two-edged sword in our hands. We're not ashamed to stand up for what is right. We win without sin, it's not by our might. And we are fighting all the sin. And the good book -- it says we'll win!

Soldiers, soldiers under command. Soldiers, soldiers fighting the Lord's battle plan. Are you a soldier under God's command? Help fight the good fight, join up while you can. The battle that's waging is fought so easily. Through him, without sin there is victory. And we're fighting all the sin. And the good book -- it says we'll win!

From Stryper's album Soldiers Under Command


Not everyone who calls Him Lord is gonna walk down those streets of gold. Many will say, look at what I did. He'll say, you were neither hot nor cold. A tree that bears bad fruit will burn. I want you to be without blame. Your foundation better be on the rock. We'll see who's playing games, gonna be a

Shakedown, I want to know where you stand. Shakedown, will you look to me and take my hand? Shakedown, I want to know where you stand. Shakedown.

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be. Can't trust your wealth or your color TV. Can't serve God and money too. Can't get to heaven by what you do. He said I'm the Way to God. You'll have to go through me. If you're not with me, then you're against me. One day soon will see.

From Whitecross' album Triumphant Return

Choose  This  Day

Wasted time my friend / don't you know we're in the bitter end / He's coming back again / to save us all from this world of sin / Christ the Saviour, He'll set you free / Christ died for sins / come and receive /

Rise / it's your decision / choose this day whom you will serve / come and confess Him / Jesus Christ / the only way / ask Him in today /

Emotional leaders are coming down / New Age logic / that lies been around / Religious society / it's insanity / a hope for you and me / Christ the saviour, He'll set you free / Christ died for sins, come and receive / Rise /its' your... / Rise / its' your... in your heart He'll stay

From Recon's album Behind Enemy Lines

Take  Us  Away

Lord take us away, we're looking to be set free / for we believe Your word, that You'll return / like you said one day / in a blink of an eye / trumpets will sound / dead in Christ will arise / you will come back for your bride / take us away like a thief in the night /

Take us away / from this world of hurt / sorrow and pain / take us away / take us away /

If I die tonight / I know that I'll be with you / I pray I'd live my life as though you'll come each and every day / in a blink of an eye.. / Though I seem impatient / Lord Jesus come Quickly / I just can't wait until that day / I see your face / Take us away...

From Recon's album Behind Enemy Lines

Behind  Enemy  Lines

Recon, an elite force / highly trained for war / armed and dangerous / the enemy is no match / for a warrior of God / come and join the soldiers of the light / be prepared to tread dangerous ground and to fight / Behind enemy lines / Behind Enemy lines Soldier take up your arms and use your weapon well / there's a battle field / warfare / a fight waiting to be won / come and join the soldiers of the light / be prepared to tread dangerous ground and to fight / Behind enemy lines... / Recon an elite... / Behind enemy lines... /

From Recon's album Behind Enemy Lines

Heaven's  Calling  Tonight

I hear the sound of a trumpet. I can see the glory of God. The tears have been dried from my eyes. Feel warm in the presence of love. Children march as they lead us down streets of gold. Everlasting peace within us. The face of the Lord we will ever behold.

Heaven's Calling tonight! Now won't you turn from darkness to light. Heaven's Calling tonight!

I know my worries are over. From now on my Jesus will reign. Old things are gone forever, my friend. A crown of life is what I've gained. I see a king on a white horse riding with power untold. The Lord God will be our leader. The Lamb that was slain, forever sits on a throne. Can you hear it? Can you see it? Children singing songs of great joy. Forever with Jesus. Hand in hand, each girl and boy.

From Whitecross' album Triumphant Return

Take  It  To  The  Limit

You always say you wanna follow me. But when I call you're never around. Talk is cheap. It's time for action. This time I'm gonna pin you down. I wanna see your faith on the line.

You've got to take it to the limit. 'Cause my love is all you need. Take it to the limit and by my side you'll always be.

I could provide everything you lack. But you keep tryin' to carry the world on your back. I wanna see your faith on the line. You've got to take it to the limit... You talk in circles but You can't see. You'll find your freedom when you start trustin' in Me. I wanna see your faith on the line. You've got to take it to the limit...

From Whitecross' album Hammer and Nail

No  Second  Chances

The rich man lived in luxury. He was always wantin' more. And Lazarus the beggar laid at his gates covered with sores. It wasn't long and the beggar died. The angels carried him to Abraham's side. When the rich man died he felt the torment of hell. He looked up, his voice rang like a bell

Give me one more chance to do things right. Just one more chance, I'll follow the light. But there's no second chances, the Host of heaven cried. No second chances, you listened to lies.

The rich man, oh, he couldn't go back. To warn his brothers of his fate. Now we've been given the charge. It's up to us, now don't hesitate. Are you livin' in the comfort zone, storing up treasures that soon'll be gone. Or tellin' your brother that Jesus died. So on the last day you won't hear Him cry.

From Whitecross' album In The Kingdom

Enough  is  Enough

One foot in and one foot out. I'm up for grabs, my future's in doubt. No more runnin round and playin this game. It's time for me to make a stand for your name.

Enough, nuff, Enough is enough. No more white lies. It's time to hang tough. Enough, nuff, Enough is enough. No more foolin with compromise. No No No

Russian roulette, a loaded gun. Shot in the dark. The damage is done. I take my chances. Hope my aim is true. I know inside, what I'm missin is You. I can't pretend to walk in the light. While all the while I live for the night. And like a bullet between the eyes. It's time for my to realize.

I fell the heat inside, a burning fireball! It's time to choose a road, cause I'm heading for a fall. I will heed the Master. No more livin with my back against the wall. And that's ALL!

From Whitecross' album Whitecross

Lookin'  for  a  Reason

You live your life as if you really didn't care. You're on a train heading straight for despair. You hate your past, the future's a joke. The only thing you want is another line of coke. Doing drugs, you feel the need to get high. One more drink. Did you ever wonder why. You say you're lonely, you wanna die. Become fed up with living a lie.

But Jesus said, "I do care". Jesus said "I'll be there."

Looking for a reason. Tired of the same old lies. Looking for a reason. Someone to make me wise. I know a way, yes I do. His loving arms, oh, they are reaching out to you. He knock's at your heart's door. He longs to come in. And when He forgives. He forgives all your sin. Jesus said, "I do care". Jesus said "I'll be there."

Looking for a reason. Tired of the same old lies. Looking for a reason. Someone to make me wise. Looking for a reason. I don't need no more lies. 'Cause I got me a reason. The Son has made me wise.

From Whitecross' album Whitecross

Who  Will  You  Follow?

So many different paths to follow. Are you stumblin in the night? It's not worth the cost to be eternally lost. Satan is the father of lies. Follow him, you'll surely die. You need to be told. Come out of the cold. Yeah. There'll be no one to blame if you play his game. Jesus is king. He's why we sing.

Who will you follow? Satan, or The Author of Life? Jesus paid the price. God made the sacrifice for you!

Do you feel like you're losing the war? Jesus said, "I am the Door". You'll fall away if you disobey. Day by day you are making a choice. Listening to someone's voice. Will you be defiled or be God's child?

From Whitecross' album Whitecross

If  You  Will

There is only right and wrong. There is no in between. The enemy will only blind your eyes and make it all unseen. You must open blinded eyes. Open all to see. Spirits of Hell are calling. Beckoning calling thee. The bloody cross, it stands alone on a hill. It cries out to the souls of men. Accept Him if you will. Jesus comes that you might have life. Satan comes to kill. There's really only one choice, my friend. Choose Christ if you will.

Whether you know or don't know. The Word of God is true. It's a doubled edged sword. Ripping the heart in two. The day to choose is near at hand. Your ending is drawing near. It will either be the king Jesus or the defeated one Satan.

From Deliverance's album Deliverance

No  Time

I've been through the day and I don't have the time to speak unto friends or to speak Lord to you. There is only one thing on my mind and that is pleasing myself which I've no time to do.

No time, no time. That's my constant cry. No time to help those in need. At last it's time to die. No time.

At last before the Lord I came. I stood with downcast eyes. He held a book in His hands. It was the Book of Life. He opened up the book and said, "Your name I cannot find. I once was going to write it down. I couldn't find the time".

From Deliverance's album Deliverance

From  Wrong  To  Right
M. Sweet/R. Sweet/O. Fox

I've changed my ways from wrong to right. The devil never pays, no, he robs just like a thief in the night. So many bands give the devil all the glory. It's hard to understand, we want to change the story. We want to rock one way, on and on. You'll see the light someday. All say Jesus is the way.

Satan is a fool and it's so insane. Some people think he's cool, you play with fire, you'll feel the pain. Why lose when you can win? Give God a try. The devil's not your friend, the truth is not a lie. I've changed my ways from wrong to right. Evil never pays, no, the truth is not a lie.

From Stryper's album The Yellow And Black Attack!

Reason  For  The  Season
M. Sweet/R. Sweet

You, you say that you've got it figured it. What life's about, you do what you want to. You, you walk the tightrope of unbelief. Can't you see? His way is reality. We all know it's better to give than receive. Then why don't we give God the glory? Don't hide it, don't fight it, just believe.

He is the reason for the season. He is the reason for today. He is the reason for the season. Celebrate, celebrate.

You, your life can be a holiday. Everyday, when he is with you. Hey, let's get back to what it's all about. Shout it out, Christ is the reason. We all know it's better to give than receive. His gift is for those who believe. You got it if you want it. Just believe. He is the reason for the season. He is the reason for today. He is the reason for the season. Celebrate.

From Stryper's album The Yellow And Black Attack!

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