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RAINBOW  ROCK  FESTIVAL  2018  (organized by Christian Metalheads International)

BandsStyle  Description
One Bad Pig Punk with metal heaviness (USA)
Holy Blood Viking Metal (Ucraine)
Parakletos Atmospheric Black Metal (Finland) First gig ever in Sweden!
Northern Flame Melodic Guitar shredding Metal (Finland)
Hilastherion Progressive and Melodic Death Metal (Finland)
Adorned Graves Thrash Metal with some Doom influences (Germany)
Flukt Old School Black Metal (Norway)
Poltinmerkki Industrial Metal (Finland)
Veritas Infinita Symphonic Ghotic (The Netherlands)
Waiting For Ravens Indie Hard Core (USA)
ProclaimMelodic Punk (The Netherlands)
RifferspockAlternative Hardrock (UK)
Peter 118 Melodic Punk (UK)
Spyker Thrash-core (The Netherlands)
Speakers: Henrik Larsson (CMI, Sweden) William Rönn (Hilastherion, Finland)

Date:6-7 April 2018
Place:Satelliten, Allfarvägen 4 in Sollentuna (Stockholm, Sweden)
Festival pass all festival: 650 SEK (adult)

Festival pass all festival: 450 SEK (youth 16-20 years)

One day: 350 SEK (adult),

One day: 250 SEK (youth)
Accomodation: 100 SEK per night (including Metal breakfast!)
For more info check out the homepage:http://www.rbr-festival.com

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