Here are plenty of real life stories from metalheads that have found out that God is not an illusion but a reality and that you can have a living relationship with Him.

I allways went to church with my parents but God never took a real part in my life, the gospel never "lived" in my life. When I was about 23 years old I started to listen to hardrock music, heavy metal music. The songs worshipped the devil. I started to buy albums from Guns n' Roses and then harder music such as Slayer. They sung about ... it's hard for me so repeat those words because I sung them too when I heard the records, I'll write it anyway because other people should read this too so they know how these words hurt Jesus. The sungtitle was: the holy cross, symbol of lies. And I was repeating them!! I didn't know that I was hurting Jesus with those words. In that same period I took also interest in New Age stuff, you know "spiritual" things and occult things. I was also looking for a Oui Ja bord (to call spirits) but lucky I couldn't find anyone.

When I look back at that period I was really "mad and crazy", nothing interested me, I stood above everyone. In 1992 my younger brother (he was also a heavy metal fan) saw a movie Jesus of Nazareth and suddenly he saw the scene where Jesus was nailed on the cross. And suddenly I began to cry, really hard!!! Jesus touched his heart and from that moment on my knew that he and me was hurting Jesus for so long. My brother told me about his experience with Jesus and slowly on our lives began to change. When I go to church I felt different, I understood the bible more and more and I felt Jesus in my life. I went to meetings with other christians and I felt really free!!!

I never knew that there are christians heavy metal bands until a few days ago. I bought a few albums from Mortification. Realy cool!!! (because I still loved the heavy metal music for its beats) and especially now it's double cool because they worship Jesus instead of the devil. I am glad that these guys sing in heavy metal bands because in that way they can reach the people who like heavy metal music but stil worship the devil. They "speak" their language. If you only tell the gospel those people won't listen but if you speak in their language, heavy metal music, they will listen and if they accept Jesus in their hearts they will double enjoy the heavy metal music: and the music and the joy having Jesus in their hearts.

For all your heavy metal fans out there: Jesus is cool!!! and it's cool to be a christian headbanger!!! Worship Jesus, he died for you on the cross too pay for your sins and he will never let you down. The devil is a liar, he gives you a empty feeling inside and if there a troubles in your life he will let you down but not Jesus : he will stand up for you and will help you!!! So trust in Jesus my brothers.

--Ben Schreuder

My name is Jesse, and I am 23 years old. I would just like to share with you all how I became a Christian. When I was about 14 I started to listen to bands such as, Deicide, Cradle Of Filth, Marduk, Blood Thorn 6 Feet Under, Darkthrone, Deicide, Cradle Of Filth, Blood Thorn, Mystic Circle, Slayer and Dying Fetus. My friends introduced me to those bands. I liked this music and I knew that they are hardcore antichristian. I didn't care though. I was very interested in magic, and satanism. I would chill with the metal heads, and the scater punks at school. I really didn't fit in with any other group in school. Even though I had friends who kind of accepted me, I still felt alone. I was serching in the wrong things to fill that big void that God had placed in my heart, and in my life.

I also liked the Goth life style and dressing in pure black. Anyway, I know that most goths feel like an outcast of society, and that no one understands what they are going through. (But Christ loves those people, and he knows their pain.) I can relate to them because I am I guess what you could call a Christian goth/metal person. People told me about Christ, but I didn't care. I hated anything that had to do with the bible, church, and God. There was a reason, I wanted to find friends, and the people I knew at the time were Christians. They weren't very nice to me. That is why I was kind of interested in wicca and in satanism. I wanted to feel a part of something. I wanted people to accept me for who I am. I felt like I didn't recieve that from Christians at that time in my life. People told me to change the music I liked when they were trying to witness to me. People told me to listen to Rebbecca Saint James, and DC Talk. They told me in a very stuck up way. I told them why I liked those bands because at that time the music expressed how I felt inside. I liked the dark lyrics the music had.

I didn't care about what Christ had done for me on the cross. I was very Antichristian at this stage of my life. I wanted to be accepted by people, but people would reject me because I am blind. When people laughed at me because of this, I felt angry at God. I was born blind by the way. I was angry at God because I couldn't see like other people, and this music expressed my anger towards God. I was very happy that the bands I liked were Antichristian.

Besides liking black metal and death metal, I was involved in cutting myself. I has my own reasons to do this at that time so I thought. I would cut myself to get my mind off my problems, and for some strange reason I liked the pain. That was my way of dealing with emotional pain such as losing a best friend, or if I had a fight with a girl I was going out with I would think it was my fault that she didn't care for me like she use to. Those were some examples of why I would cut myself. People would tell me that Jesus loves me and that he cared for me. I didn't care. I hated God because all of these things would happen in life, such as my ex-girlfriend tried to commit suicide, and she has taken lots of pills. She was talking to me on the phone when she was taking those pills. I thought, where are you God, and do something to stop her. I felt that he didn't care about what happened to me or any of the people I was close to at that time of my life.

Well one day, I was searching for something to listen to on the radio. I found a christian radio station, and I wanted to change the radio fast. At that time, I left my radio on that station but I never knew why. I heard a song named Blood Sacrifice from a band named Mortification. I liked the style of music that this band played and I understood the message of salvation. The song talks about that Jesus loved me so much that he died on the cross for me. I had heard this message before, but not in this way! I felt happy, and after all of the pain and searching God told me he loves me in a very different way. For you see, God used this music to reach me when no one else could.

After I made my decision to follow Jesus I throw away all of my Deicide CD'S and all of my Cradle Of Filth CD'S. Now I am helping other christian metal heads through this music, and also by living out my Christian life daily. Jesus has also set me free from cutting myself, and I no longer do that.

All of you who are serching for a reason to live. There is only one answer and that is Jesus Christ. He has a plan for you, and wants to use you in a mighty way. Just recieve him into your heart and make him king and lord of your life. It's as simple as that! As you read this message remember this, Jesus Christ isn't a religion, Jesus Christ is a relationship!

Your Metal brother in Christ

Hello! I recently gave my life to Christ, and I wanted to share my story with you all. I want to share because you are part of why I am now a Christian!

I used to listen to a lot of death metal bands. I used to go to their concerts, and do a lot of things that hurt my life and hurt other people. Drugs seemed "cool" when I listened to Pantera and The Dead Youth. But slowly I started listening to even more satanic music. Some of them weren't really worshipping satan, but I thought they were. It seemed cool to dress in black and cause trouble at school. But I realized that I was hurting inside, and that I wasn't finding what I was looking for in all the drugs, drinking, and sex.

But one day while I was looking around on the Internet for new bands, I came across this site. I didn't know what it was at first, I just listened to some of the songs. I liked them a lot, and so I borrowed a CD from a kid I knew in my class that listened to them. I used to make fun of him, so he was very surprised when I asked to borrow the CD! But I thank Jesus that he did, because those words started to change my life! The CD was Stryper's "Can't Stop The Rock". At first I didn't know what to think, but the more I listened to the lyrics, and really thought about what they were saying, the more I started to open up to the Word of God. I think these lyrics really talk about your site, and what you're trying to do through the Internet:

"Can't Stop The Rock"
Travelin' 'cross this land
Tryin' to make people understand
We've got the right to rock 'em how we choose

If we stand in unity
We'll win with dignity
Our strength has said it all
Pray and believe

I've only invited Jesus to be my Lord and Savior recently, and I've been reading through the Bible every night. It's been hard for me to stay away from all my old habits and the drugs, so I ask that you pray for me, that God will give me strength to overcome them! Also, could you point out some scripture I could read to help me? Thank you all, God bless you and your work on this site! It's shown me the love of God!

Your Sister in Christ,

I am a professed metalhead. I love the energy and the frenzy of it. I was never a worshiper of the evil one and have always hated him. I had however, lost my way. So many Christians do! I always liked bands like Megadeth, Metallica, and the other big heavies in metal and thrash. I had begun to listen to Mercyful Fate, Danzig, and Rob Zombie. More importantly, I had stopped praying and listening to God. Believe me, you might as well be worshiping the evil one. I never took it seriously, they were only into singing about the devil for money, right? This evil music eats away at your soul.

I have a friend at work who had transferred from out of state. He is the son of a preacher and had played in a local Christian band. He heard who I was listening to and asked why I wanted to cloud my mind with that trash. I praise God for bringing this one man to me. He turned me on to bands like Deliverance, Bloodgood and others like that. God opened my eyes to these bands and my heart. I found this site by accident, but it wasn't an accident. Ask your saved and unsaved friends to try Christian Metal. Be that man or woman God sends to help them. Faith and repentance will follow, Jesus promises it. I can only hope to be that man who lifts people out of the oppression of evil by telling them about Christian Heavy Metal. We have to start somewhere. Our mission as Disciples of Christ is to tell EVERYONE the good news of Jesus. Praise To Our Heavenly Father.

Sean Mcpherson

I went to your site and I was looking at it and I accepted Christ in my life. I thank Him very much for you and I pray He uses you and your site mightly. Can you send me a Bible and Christianity information?

Thanks a lot
God Bless,
Ali Abbasi

I recently became a Christian, but my faith wasn't really going anywhere...until I found CHRISTIAN METAL. Thanks to this site, my faith is growing by leaps and bounds! I can now listen to my favorite style of music that actually works with Christ! GOD BLESS!

Christian Tarr

My name is Gidion von Wielligh. I had a friend that introduced me to Christian metal. My favorite bands are PETRA, DELIRIOUS, TOURNIQUET, DETRITUS, WHITE CROSS, MORTIFICATION, ANGELICA, and so forth. I had a friend who is a "born again Christian"; Before i got saved in March 1996 and he "introduced me to Christian Rock, and Christian metal.

I must say, at first, I wondered how one can worship God with Heavy Metal. During the few years as born again Christian i found out that to serve God is not about good deeds, and just going to church on Sundays, BUT IT IS ABOUT HAVING A RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST, AND IT IS ABOUT WORSHIPING HIM IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH! It is not about what you wear, OR who you are, or the type of instrument you are playing, BUT it is about your heart's attitude, a true relationship with Jesus Christ, not with a denomination or a pastor or a preacher. It is about you and Christ, out of your relationship with Jesus, ALL OTHER THINGS WILL AUTOMATICALLY FLOW.


By me saying that Christ is still the same, I do NOT say that He is just a Vintage, Mickey Mouse old-fashioned Jesus. He will speak to you in your language, not in the "THOU" and "THUS" language of the middle ages. When I say God is still the same yesterday, today and tomorrow i am meaning to say, THAT HE IS LOOKING FOR THOSE IN this 21st century THAT WILL SAY " I will take my taste of Music and Worship The CREATOR of creation, God the trinity, and not the fallen one with it. God Is God! He can use WHATEVER PLEASES HIM as a "tool" in His hand to speak to a person. (Who are we to put God in a mach box and try to tell Him what kind of "tool" he can use?)


You see, I was on my way into satanism ...., the very early stages, everything was one big mess. I tried committing suicide, 14 times in my life. These were in my teen age years. My sister studied at Witts university, the college department in Johannesburg, South Africa, and she stayed at the department head of the college. His son is a born again Christian, he came to visit one weekend. That was the time were I was busy with all the "wrong" things. He "introduced" a sound to my ears, Gospel rock, and metal. I have mentioned some of the bands at the beginning of this e-mail. The band that I truly like the most, is PETRA, for The Holy Spirit of God worked through them in my heart. The Sunday afternoon, after they left, back to Johannesburg, i went into our sitting room, and listened to the tape that my sister left me behind.

During the weekend, as they were playing this music, i noted that there was something different to this music, it grabbed hold of me deep inside, where no one can get. I was listening to the tape, "Wake up Call" of the Christian Rock group, Petra. As I listened, I started crying like I've never done before. There I realized that there was something missing in my life, (although i did not knew then that I need Christ in my life, that it was that i needed. As I was listening to that tape, the room was filled with something that I can not explain, it was Like a river of Love that started flowing, not sexual love, another type of love that i never experienced before. I do not have the proper words to describe that what i experienced that afternoon. As it got to the last song on the cassette, the choir's words were, "Just reach out, and He will reach in, take your broken heart and make it whole again, it do not matter who you are, or were you have been, just reach out, and He will reach in." At that moment I started crying, I just could'nt stop the tears from flowing.

There, for the first time in my life i was touched by the Spirit of the Most High God. No one laid hands on me, no one preached too me, i just listened to this new type of Christian music that was introduced to me the beginning of that weekend. In those days, Before i became a born again Christian, i loved hard rock and metal music. God spoke to me in a language that i understood then, and that i still understand today! Again i say, that He will not speak to you with "thou" and "thus" language. He will speak to you in the way that you understand.

AFTER ALL, GOD IS THE CREATOR OF ALL GOOD THINGS, HE IS THE CREATOR OF MUSIC, WORSHIP, PRAISE, AND EACH AND EVERY INSTRUMENT ON THIS EARTH. IT IS US, THAT WERE WRONG BY GIVING IT TO the fallen angel, to use. The fallen angel, Lucifer, before he got thrown out of heaven, he was the worship angel. God created him to worship, God, so he got proud and wanted to become better that God, so God threw him out of heaven, (this is written in the book of Ezekiel), like a lightning he hit this planet, and today he is using the most powerful tool to get into the lives of people, through music, satanic metal, black metal, death metal. AS CHILDREN OF THE EVER LIVING GOD, IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE BACK OUT OF THE KINGDOM OF darkness THAT WHAT WAS stolen, TO TAKE IT BACK, AND TO WORSHIP THE RISEN CHRIST WITH THE MUSIC HE CREATED IN THE FIRST PLACE!

I what to share my testimony with you! By the age of 15, i was in grade 08,I was on my way into satanism . In grade 10 I left school, and got training at a collage... From grade 08 to grade 12 I was depressed, i hated myself, and wanted to kill myself... You know, all those teenage things in life, stress at school, and I was one of the "black sheep" of my grade and of the school. in south africa, if you do not play rugby you are a "mamma's baby". At the age of 16years, almost going onto to 17 my dad chased me away from the house. (we never had a father to son relationship) He phoned me the afternoon at 15:00 or 16:00, and told me that I must take all my stuff and if.... off. When he arrives home at 19:00 I MUST be gone with everything I have got. So I left.

I moved with a OLD friend to another town, and there, one Sunday afternoon, Christ spoke to me in an odable voice. He said, "Gidion, I love you and died for you on the cross. I am calling you into my presence, to full time ministry. I want you to go back to your home town". I said, "what must I go and do there, I have got NO One there, no friends, nothing: not even my parents, what must I go and do there..." This voice said, "if you go back, I will sent people to cross your "ways" that you never would have imagined that there is such people in life. Now,in my life I was rejected since I was 4 years old. My grandma, she told her son, my dad, that I am a another man's child, so he rejected me since I was a baby... Due to the fact that i did not play rugby, i was one of the black sheep in my school, and amongst the girls etc.

I NEVER EVER KNEW THAT GOD LOVES ME. I KNEW HE IS THERE, BUT I WAS BROUGHT UP, THAT IF YOU SIN, HE WILL PUNISH YOU. I THOUGHT GOD HATES US, I THOUGHT HE IS ONLY THERE TO DESTROY US... … you see, satan is the one that is destroying you as a person, NOT GOD, THE TRI -UNE GOD. (God Father, God Son, God Holy Spirit) he, satan had me in deception. I was believed that this friend that I had, he loves me, he cares about me. He was a medical doctor, in our relationship he always listened to me, the problems at home, and always had a "caring heart". When I became saved, I realized that I was brainwashed, and I was deceived by satan. You see, this"friend", was gay and also drew me into homosexuality, he used the weak points of my life for his own advantage. In this relationship, he slowly brainwashed me, telling me all sorts of lies. As i said, we moved to another town, by this time, i stopped listening to the worldly rock bands, for I did not "fancy" them any more. They did not had that what i experience in the Christian rock and metal music. With the worldly bands i always became angry, and rebellious, i wanted to fight and just a hatred grew, BUT with the True Christian rock and metal, i did not experience the hatred, the anger and the feeling of wanting to go on "trips" with drugs etc.

I had some metal gospel, Michel Sweet of a band called Stryper, and Tourniquet, White Heart, Detritus. As i was sitting in the room, it got filled with the same type of presence that was filling the room on that Sunday when i was listening to Petra. That day, a voice spoke to me, and as this voice spoke to me i started crying, because there was love, there was acceptance, it is something that i do not have the vocabulary in Afrikaans or in the english language to explain.The crying, it just came, i could'nt help it, it just happened, It was a struggle, because I did not want this water running from out of my eyes, I did not know these feelings, this pain inside of me, I just did not want it, it was like as if I had a shotgun wound, and salt is being pored onto this open wound. I never cried, for I was not brought up with that thing of "big boys, they do not cry!", but it was just this "thing" of love, peace and acceptance, it was like a Father that is taking His son into His arms, holding him, ( I mean, truly holding him, and true love, not a white washed cold dried out love the world is trying to offer one) THIS WAS TRUE LOVE, TRUE ACCEPTANCE ... so I just cried.

I said, Jesus if this is you speaking to me, please sent someone from my home town to visit. A week later, one of our friend, she came to visit, then I knew, God is alive and real. That day when Christ spoke to me, he spoke to me in my sin, he spoke to me while I had the homosexual relationship, 8 years ago. I did not need to become clean first and the Christ spoke to me, HE SPOKE TO ME IN MY DEPRESSION, IN MY SELF HATRED, SELF DESTRUCTION MOODS, HE SPOKE TO ME IN THE TIME I WAS SINNING AGAINST GOD's NATURE, HUMAN NATURE. CHRIST REACHED OUT TO ME, AND SAVED ME... I ended up at he River of Life church were I received true Christian counseling, I am still "IN LOVE WITH CHRIST" today, for HE is MY FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD LOVE.


Satan is a fallen angel that gone burn in hell for all eternity, Allah is dead, Buddah is dead, Krishna is dead, and all other god's, they are dead, the god of the red indian is dead, the ancestors of the african people they are dead, THE ONLY TRUE GOD IS THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, JEHOVAH IS HIS NAME, THE ONE WHO GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, HE DIED BUT ON THE 3RD DAY HE ROSE UP AGAIN AND THAT MADE HIM TO BE VICTORIOUS OVER satan AND all other false gods.

One just need to believe in Him, confess that he is alive, and then have a relationship with Him, getting to know him, through his TRUE word, the Bible.Those that call upon His name, they will be saved. (That very first time, when i heard Petra's music in our living room, and as i realized in my heart that I am needing Christ, My heart cried out to Him, although my brain did not, my heart did, although my flesh wanted to keep on sinning, doing the bad stuff, my Heart cried out To Jesus, He heard the cry of my Heart, and answered it. Today, I thank Christ, (God the trinity) that He raised up people to boldly stand, and to boldly start walking by faith, worshiping Him in Spirit and in truth through music, music that is once used to proclaim the things of satan. I thank God that He is raising up people, that are True worshippers, and that is using a language that we in the 21st century understand. You see, if i can say it this way, "Moses, he is dead, and now is the Joshua generation, were we will take that kingdom of God mightily by force. Those that will WORSHIP GOD IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH, NO MATTER WITH WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC, AS LONG AS IT IS IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH.

Who shall go out to the Metal heads in Holland, the Skinheads in Germany, the Punks in London, the Gangsters in New York, the Homosexuals in San Francisco, and the list can go on, and on,... WHO SHALL GO? It is not the praise and worship that we do in the church that will reach those people, they will spit you in your face, and they will be scared off, away from Christ for life! If you have a person that was brought up as a skinhead, or metal head, or a underground person, THE ONLY BEST WAY TO REACH INTO THE HEART OF THOSE PEOPLE IS THROUGH MUSIC. In my days, before i accepted Christ Jesus, if you would have given me a Praise and worship tape, i would have thrown it back into your face. I was listening to a "Christian Hard Rock band called Petra, through that music, the seed was sown in my life. Today, as i am listening to Petra, as i am Listening to Delirious, through their music God is challenging me to go deeper with Him. Through Petra's music, God started a VERY BIG WORK in my life, that He will complete. Through Michel Sweet, the lead singer of Stryper, He gave me Hope that I am gonna make it, and that it is Him that is leading me Home! Christ "used" the words of the music, I can still hear the words of the song saying, " Just reach out, and He will reach in, Take your broken heart and make it whole again, it just don't matter WHO YOU ARE, OR WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN, JUST REACH OUT AND HE WILL REACH IN."



THE CHRIST THAT i am talking about is the Christ that died for every one on this planet, and if you believe in Him, you will be saved. He came to gave you life, and life in abundant, HE CAME, WAS CRUCIFIED FOR YOU THAT ARE READING THIS NOW. JUST CALL UPON HIS NAME, AND YOU WILL BE SAVED, JUST CALL AND SAY JESUS, CHRIST I AM A SINNER, I DO NOT KNOW YOU, BUT I WANT TO KNOW YOU, AND IF YOU THINK YOU AREN'T A SINNER, YOU ARE A LIAR, FOR ALL OF US HAVE SINNED AND ARE SINNING DAILY. THAT IS WHY WE HAVE GOT CHRIST, AND HOLY SPIRIT TO MAKE US STRONG AND TO BE ABLE TO RESIST THE DEVIL, if you resist in the name of Christ, the fallen one, HE MUST GO, he Must flee, he is fallen! Christ gave us the authority over him, to have that authority, you must FIRST believe in Jesus, and accept Him as Your Savior. Call upon His name, You shall be saved, be made free!

TODAY, I am still born again, I am turning 29 this year, I know that Christ came and he has set me free from all my bondages, like drugs (Although it was not hardcore drugs, stuff like dope, cigarettes a lot of heavy alcohol etc.) homosexuality, for you see, God is not confused, He created Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve!!! I AM A FREE MAN, MADE FREE THROUGH THE BLOOD OF CHRIST JESUS, MY ONE AND ONLY TRUE LORD AND SAVIOR!!! DAILY, HE IS SETTING ME FREE FROM MY NEGATIVE FRAME WORK OF WHO I AM, THE MOOD SWINGS THAT I HAD, THEY ARE GONE, THE DIRTY THOUGHTS THAT I USE TO HAVE, THEY ARE GONE, THE DEPRESSION, IT IS GONE... SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY, BUT I AM SAYING, JESUS CHRIST IS THE WAY AND HE TRUTH AND THE LIFE!!! NOT A CHURCH OR A PRIEST OR ONE OF THOSE OLD RELIGIOUS BELIEVES, IT IS A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST JESUS, THROUGH THE HELP OF GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT. JESUS CHRIST, THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE in this life!!!!

By this, I thank God for people, that is willing to sacrifice them all, to go against religion, religious thoughts, and patterns, I thank God for those people, that is truly acknowledging Christ in and Through their music, and that through the music, it go out to many people, and it is like a bridge between the kingdom of darkness, TO THE KINGDOM OF LIGHT. I Thank My Christ Jesus for them, for I know that, that is a way of His Word that are being sown in places were no one else will be able to go, or to reach, BUT the Hard Rock, and Metal will reach them, and Through the Anointing OF CHRIST, on that music, it will BRAKE THE BONDAGES OF MANY PEOPLE, AND MANY WILL BE SET FREE FROM the fallen angel's snares.

God Bless & SHALOM

Yours truly

Gidion R Von Wielligh

Christian Metal my road to Jesus.

I was 18 years old, I had met Jesus for perhaps a half year ago. But still I just listened to my very ungodly music and didn't care a lot about Jesus or the christian life in general, because I was so hooked on the music that I continuely listened to. But one day it all changed. Noise Records had asked me to find Stratovarius reviews in Swedish, so I was searching for a site when I, by unknown reasons, find a site which claim to be a "Christian Metal site". I was very confused, I had never heard of that before. So I mailed the guy and asked him about it: How can you be christian and listen to metal, I asked him. Of course I can, he answered, I know many guys that do so.

And then he gave me an email adress that was to a christian metal mailing list called Whitemetal. And after that it didn't take a long time before I bought my first christian metal CD, Immortal Souls/Mordecai. And after that I could leave my old metal-style and I really learned to know Jesus a Much better then. Now I will begin to work as an youth evangelist, but I believe it hadn't been possible without the christian metal!! Thank you Lord for Christian Metal!!!

/Anders, holder of the christian metal-zine, Victory.

Hello all head-bangers! Here is my testimony. I was raised up in a christian family. I loved to listen to bands like Kiss, Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister or other secular heavy bands. Even though after I became a christian, I continued to lisen to secular heavy bands, because I didn't knew that the was any christian heavy bands. I had heard some old Jerusalem songs, but the music wasn't hard enough for me at that time.

I had a friend, who was a christian and he loved to listen to christian heavy music. So one day I visited him, and he played a cd with Deliverance. While I was listing to the music, I felt that God told me through the music, that He loved me and that He accepted my music taste. So after that day, I started to listen to christian heavy music. This happened in 1992, I was 15 years old that time. So to all the head-bangers out there: Keep the faith! Mosh it up, Baby!

Rune B. Lian from Norway

Hi there, Greetings from Australia, 11 years ago i was in spiritual bondage. I was raised in a new age home adopting it's beliefs and practices. When I was 20 I got bored with new age flakiness and pursued the beliefs of my musical heroes, eg Slayer, Bathory, Mortal Sin etc. Using new age practices like channeling, tarot, automatic writting etc i added satanic elements. What happened was total caos, unstoppable nightmares, financial disaster, relationship problems, alcohol enslavement etc. In all I lost my girl, lost my friends and lost my mind.

2-3 years into this a christian friend gave me a tape of a band called Whitecross. At that time I had no concepts of christian things other than my view that church is for dorks. But God was powerful none the less.I soon realised that when i played the Whitecross tape the channeling etc would not work and when i had a nightmare (which was allmost every night) I quoted Whitecross lyrics which gave me peace so i could sleep.

God soon showed me that I was going to hell. My friend that gave me the tape led me to the kingdom and I gave my life to Christ PRAISE GOD i was saved. That day was june 15 1992. Jesus brought christian metal across my path,eg deliverance vengeance rising and Australias very own MORTIFICATION which in those days were named Lightforce.

God used christian metal to bring me to himself, I'm eternally grateful. Jesus has the name above all names that has to be obeyed on earth and in the spiritual realm. I'm glad to be a believer and eternally thankful to Jesus and encourage all believers to walk in the victory of His name!


I'm the son of a preacher, but it wasn't always like that, and I wasn't always saved. I was born in Bellingham, Washington and at the age of 2 my parents decided to move to a small town in Kentucky called Earlington. It was there where my mom sometimes wrote stories for a newspaper in Madisonville and dad worked as a teacher. There were Sundays when mom would go to church with no more then 10 members. My dad was invited to Walk To Emmeaus conference through a church him and I recently started attending. At this conference, God revealed to dad that he promised God that when he became a man, he would become a minister. After praying about it, my family moved to Houston, Ohio and my dad in Dayton, Ohio started seminary. He had his first church during that period and upon finishing seminary he was called to the town of Emlenton, Pennsylvania. There The Lord gave him 3 churches. One in Emlenton, another in a town called Foxburg, and his other church in St. Petersburg. At that time I was in junior high school and a fellow Methodist pastor's wife asked my mom if I would like to go to church camp. After talking it over with my mom, we compromised, and a friend of mine from across the street, despite having bruised ribs, agreed to go with me. We got there and I've never been to so much church in my life. A service in the morning, noon and night, and we couldn't take our walk-mans with us, unless the music was Christian. The heaviest I'd heard up to that point and time was Petra and I enjoyed them a little bit. My friend and I struggled the first night to get to sleep and we were both miserable.

After lunch we both agreed that we wanted to go home and never come back to this church camp. My mom came, and took MY FRIEND home and left me there. She said if I could stick it out and make it through camp, that she'd buy me a large Pizza Hut pizza, all for myself. She and my buddy took off and I was miserable. I so much wanted the week to end. That evening, I met a worship team from Asbury College and got to know Wayne and Vince. I told Wayne that I was having all kinds of trouble about how I'd get some sleep because my friend was back home. Wayne put his arm around and said, "Well, Jesus is your best friend. Talk it over with Him." Well, I did just that. It finally came time to go to sleep, and after we said our prayers and the counselor turned the lights out, it wasn't 2 minutes before I was asleep. I still was miserable though. A couple of days later someone slapped my shoulder from behind after afternoon worship, I wheeled around and it was my friend. The rest of that week was a blast and the final evening, my friend and I accepted Jesus Christ.

Mom had gotten me a new Petra cassette, Beyond Belief. I went home reading my Bible, but quickly got out of it, for the music I listened to was not of God. I liked music like Metallica, or anything with dirty words like N.W.A., The Ghetto Boys, Ice Cube, all famous rappers who talked about killing and sex, and I thought it was cool. I asked mom to buy me Ozzy Osbourne's 'Live and Loud' CD because I loved Ozzy's music. Mom refused to buy that for me because she new Ozzy was with Black Sabbath, and they were not for Jesus. In my Senior year in high school, however she decided that this man was going to get a job, after graduation. I was a punk with a big mouth towards my parents and for all I knew, just happened to give his life to Jesus Christ. The first two places mom made me apply to were church camps. Man I didn't wanna work at a camp, A CHURCH CAMP? It wasn't me and I dreaded it. My first interview was for a camp about an hour and a half away and upon first glipmse of it, I mosed my way through the interview and didn't get the job though. But West Minster Highlands Camp in Emlenton was different. It was and still is an outdoors type of camp and I figured if I had to work at a church camp, well, this one'll have to do. A few weeks before graduation I found out that I got a job there as the camp DISHWASHER! And then something happened and I never saw it coming. A friend of one of my best friends was out with a cousin in a doonbuggy. They were in an accident and the one was killed. I was for once worried more than ever about my friend. The other kid suffered a broken nose, so he had him but there was the one who lost his life, and I knew my friend would take it harder than anything he'd ever taken. My mom loaded my stuff up and off to camp we went. I snickered to myself, half expecting to run into nerds, scrawny little suckers with black tape around a pair of weird looking glasses. The first person I met was about my size and I said hello, and proceded to take my stuff into a room. Mom left and I went to go back inside the cabin for the staff and saw something that scared me. A man, with a nosetackle build, probably 315 or more came strolling out. I introduced myself, shook his hand and he said, "I'm Kevin." The next person I met is my best friend to this date. He had long hair, a pair of black sunglasses and a walking sticking and he was big too. He stuck out his hand and said, "My name's Skink." All I could think was, cool man. People were busy helping each other, so I decided to help Skink. We strolled to his car and I saw he had a guitar. While helping him with his stuff, I met a man who was a Sergeant in The Marine Corps, and might I add, he too played guitar. The first week was staff week and we got to know each other.

Right away I found out that my kind of music was not really accepted among too many Christians. But then again, it was! How? I was introduced to bands like Bride, Whitecross and found that it's cooler then the stuff Ozzy can play. I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ that Summer and almost 8 months after that took a bold step and bought my first Christian metal CD, Whitecross, Unveiled. That wasn't bad. May 5th was my birthday and I'd gotten some cash. I strolled into a Camelot record CD and strolled to the metal section. Looking through the music, I honestly didn't think that a secular store would carry any Christian bands, but I had to find out and then a CD caught my eye. It was Deliverance, Stay of Execution. I happened to be in a shopping mall that just so happened to have a Christian book store. I hid the CD, just in case and ran to the Christian book store and asked if there happened to be a Christian band out called Deliverance. The lady said yes and that Stay of Execution was one of they're CDs. I went back to Camelot Records, found the CD and flew to my car. My car simply had a tape player so I flew home and threw in my new CD. WHAM!!! I loved it and since then I've been in love with Christian Heavy Metal. Tourniquet, Bride, Mortification, Unashamed, Lament.....there's SO much Christian metal out there in the world today, and it sounds better then some sissy Slayer or Cannibal Corpse. You want that Garbage, GO FOR IT, as for me, I love Christian metal and I love Jesus Christ so much for leading me to it, to Christian rap, to Christian alternative. Hey, God works on my mouth still to this day, but that's to be expected. God's gonna work on me everyday, and I praise Him for it. GOD RULZ!!!!!

Wolfe Moffat

Hello all , I am Ashish from India I am 28 years old businessman from India. I really believe that GOD ALMIGHTY can really use heavy metal music. I was born in a believer christian family. I attainded all church functions ... I grew up with Boneym , Abba, Jim Reeves, etc. When I was in my teens I started liking metal music, it started from rock and soon I was listning to ac/dc and other bands of the same vein.... I was becoming more rebellious day by day ...

Then one day I got a mail from my cousin sister who told me about the back masking and satan worship of these devlish bands... I was real in a fix as i liked rock a lot and was really socked and felt that these bands have let me down.... Then one day I saw a Petra tape in local music store and as it said spritual rock in the music category I was amazed and it caught amy attention as we don't get much christian music here in INDIA ... I heard the first song "He came He saw he conqured" That blew me away, it was awesome and I was instantly in love with the song and lyrics, Then I heard Stryper and that was when I really gave up Black metal and I came into the beautiful light of christian rock....

Songs and lyrics of Stryper have given me strength and peace in worst time of my life... At one time I had nearly commited suicide but lyrics of Stryper and GOD ALMIGHTY worked in my life through them and now I am married and happy by GODS GRACE... THANK YOU JESUS for bands like Petra, Stryper, Whitecross and Messiah Prophet.


God is awesome!! I started getting into real heavy metal in my first year of High School. Like White Zombie, Marilyn Manson and such. The summer before, I went through this thing. This emptiness. Immediatly I knew it was God wasn't in my life. I didn't know how to get him in me. I started reading my bible more, but I still didn't know how it worked. Then one day I started talking to this kid. He didn't curse, so I asked him why not. AFter a while we started talking about stuff. It then got to music. I got this book by Ron Luce called 56 days ablaze. I got to this chapter saying all secular music was evil. He told me how it wasn't exactly that way, so I listened and I agreed with what he said. He also told me about Christian Metal. At once, I was extatic. He gave me a list of bands, but the store didn't have any of them there. Then through a friend i got a hold of Tourniquet's "Stop the Bleeding". They were the hardest Christian band I had heard so far. I saw the scripture references in the song "Swarming Spirits". I got a great quiet time out of it. After listening to the album non-stop for about a month, I got tired of the Guy's fallceto vocals, and all the effects in the guitars. Now I love those vocals.

A while later, when I got internet access I learned that the band went through a lot of cool changes. I got the greatest hits album, and it was the coolest thing. "Hanging" came on and I just started moshing in my room. Then "Broken Chromosomes" was basically the story of my life. "Men fail me but the Son of God saves" was so true(in fact the song just came on right now). No matter what good intentions people have, they are always going to come up short, whether they want to or not. Yet Jesus is always going to come through. I invite you, if you don't know Jesus, recieve Him. He is the best friend you could ever have. Tourniquet's music always lifts me up, and brings me closer to God, they teach me to rely on Him. God Rulz!!!

--Nithin Thompson

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I accepted the Lord in 1986. Through many powerful circumstances it became apparent that the Holy Spirit was calling to me. It was now my turn to take the step of faith and I remember that night as if it were yesterday. I had the sense that if I didn't reach to Him after all He had done for me, I might never have that chance again. After kneeling in prayer alone with God, I was never the same again and the people in that Oregon town could tell I had changed. During Bible college, I took some time away from music. There I began to study the many facets of serving God. As a follower of Jesus Christ, being a musician is a special responsibility. After much prayer and council from my elders and brother, i decided to helf reform the group that had brought me to the saving Truth.

Being involved in Tourniquet has caused so many dreams to come true these first years. The testimonies of people who have been touched by God through our songs and ministry is a continuous joy for us. I had no idea going into this that we would be received as well as we have been. To those who would read this and not know for themselves the true joy and satisfaction of really knowing the Lord, please wait not a minute longer to accept him. I never understood before I believed in Him how God can give you such real dreams and the courage to pursue them. The true in you will never completely be made manifest until you come home to the One who put you here.

--In Jesus Christ, Gary Lenaire[former guitarist in Tourniquet]

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This is a way cool web page. I am a devout Christian who wasn't so devout about 6 months ago. I had asked God into my heart years ago yet like many backslid into the lie of the world. When I made the decision to recommit my life to God, I knew that my current selection of Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Black Sabbath etc... had to go. How else was I to keep my faith strong. I needed God and I wanted to thrash. I owe it all to Mortification whose Envision Evangelene album I found in a secular music store. Starting with them and finding so many other true Christian metal bands has helped my walk with the Lord grow stronger everyday. I hope I didn't bore anybody to bad. Just thought I'd share my thoughts. God bless everybody!

--Kevin Ivers

I'm Julie, 16 years old. For years, I've been into God-bashing music. You name it, I loved it: Pantera, Slayer, Metallica, Korn, Slipknot, Nine Inch Nails, Cannibal Corpse, Tool, etc. Even though I've been a Christian since I was about 11, I could never stand the thought of leaving behind that type of music. I always managed to convince myself that I could still worship God and be a Christian without giving up my favorite bands. However, I soon found it wasn't true. Even so, I continued to deny it. Bands like the ones I used to listen to tear at your soul and drag you into depression. With the constant Satan-promoting lyrics, a person's walk with God can never be what it should be. Still, I didn't want to change.

Then, just this week, I was considering downloading some music because I was bored. Clicking around on the internet, I somehow came across a band called Extol, which was described as a Christian metal band. I thought, "How in the world can there be Christian metal? All of the Christian music I've ever heard, I couldn't stand, because it was all gospel and pop." Curiousity overcame me, and I went to, Extol's official website. I read about them, and thought they sounded pretty cool. I ended up checking out some of their music, and the first song I heard by them was called Undeceived. Immediately, I was addicted to it. It was incredible to me that Christian music could be so heavy. Now, I've heard most of their music, and I am completely hooked on it.

Today, my thirst for more Christian metal was growing, so I did an internet search for "christian metal". was one of the first results I got, so I clicked the link. I was amazed by all of the bands listed! I've written many of the names down, and I am definitely planning to buy as many of their CDs as I can find.

The change that has occurred in me now is incredible. I no longer have any thirst for my old music. In fact, as of today, all of my old CDs are broken in half. Thank you so much for such a wonderful website. God is definitely working, and I hope He changes many more lives through this website. God bless you all.


Clenching the compact disc in my hand, I quickly threw open the front door, raced down the hallway, and ran into my room. " Thank goodness no one is home," I sighed. Inwardly I knew, that for this disc to work, it most be played LOUDLY; consequently I cherished the absolute volume control I possessed. As I deliberately loaded the CD player, how could I have prepared for the events to follow.

Opening with the powerful track "Victory", the speakers erupted with a wondrous fidelity. The grinding crunch of multilayered guitar chords rhythmically immersed itself in a steady snare beat and scorching vocal intensity. Sure it had been a rough day at work, but who could belittle this? All I heard was musical ecstacy! Envisioning my own swirling pit, I jumped in and began a reckless mosh around the room. All the frustation of spiritual ineffectiveness, selfcondemnation, and utter futility seemed to culminate as I thrashed about. In some twisted sense, there appeared some measure of release.

Even so, I heard the bold proclamation: "...having done all to stand in victory from above...for your victory..." "Victory," I mumbled. The overused word seemed to me so foreign. I longed for the reality...As the steady barrage of snare and double bass drum came to a sudden halt, I sank onto the bed. My motionless was brief, however, as a saturation of excellent "axe-work" filled the air with "No Time". A plodding, methodic crunch of rhythm guitar coupled with the searing harmony of lead guitar for a sound that would grab the attention of even the most aspiring musician. Sitting up, I found my head banging in unison to the chord progression.

The lyrical statements which followed seemed to interrupt my state of utopia.:"...I've been thru the day/ and I don't have the time/ to speak unto friends/ to speak Lord to You..." "Isn't that my constant cry?" I thought. Somehow the words pricked my callused heart in spite of my argumentative spirit. "But God come on" I reasoned. "I'm only staying so busy for You (The irony of my logic now seems comical). I have to take a full-time load at school, and above all, I have to work full-time so I can eventually go to a Christian know" The argument reassured my convicted spirit with the deadly poison of piousity, which lurks in the hearts of many "established" Christians. As I became still, I intently listened as the song continued. The saga depicted an individual who suddenly finds his earthly existence cut short:

"...At last before the Lord I came/ I stood with downcast eyes..." Why could my spirit relate so exactly to the emotion of this scenario? "...He opened up the book and said/ your name I cannot find/ I was once going to write it down/ but I couldn't find the time..."

The heaviness of truth took my breath away, as my legs buckled and my knees hit the ground. "...No time, no time/ that's my constant cry..." Excuses fled as I was finally overwhelmed with the futility of my ways. Trapped in a zone of safety I spent years constructing, I rested upon the false foundation of untried spirituality. Christ and only Christ must be our focus and foundation.

Realistically, the song "No Time" did not transform a helplessly lost heathen into a thriving soul seeker. In a real way, however, it touched me forever. "No Time" culminated the work of God in my life with its "no holds barred" proclamation of truth. I was able to recognize my own spiritual inactivity and have since become actively involved in a street-level, evangelistic church. Presently, I am again returning to a life of prayer and study of God's word, the Bible. My years of life in Christ have taught me the absolute necessity of focus. Thank you, Deliverance, for you part in helping sharpen and strengthen that focus!

--Corbet Clack

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"...Perhaps the facts will speak for themselves opposing any disagreements that God can use heavy metal. Doug Mann of R.E.X. concludes with the following recent report. He shares, "I was talking to Nina, the bass player for The Lead, the other day and it just blew my mind. This one particular letter just blew us all away. Nina received this letter from this teenager who was in this hardcore music shop. When he saw The Lead's 'Burn this Record' cassette, he thought it looked cool, so he shoplifted it. Obviously, he wasn't a Christian then. He stole it with the intention of committing suicide. While he was listening to the tape, just as he was about to pull the trigger on the gun, the song Suicide Is A Lie came on. The song just made him stop and then he started reading the lyrics. He then hooked up with a local church and accepted the Lord! When he wrote them the letter, he was apologizing for shoplifting the tape and also thanked them for what they were doing."

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I was a Christian at heart lost in Metal, Alcohol & partying. I was 19 & it was 1983. A Christian gave me Rez Colors. It was not Maiden, Motorhead or Venom but it was Hard Rock & it was Christian. The next day I recommitted my life to Christ & started going back to church. Very soon bought my first Bass & started my goal to play Metal for Jesus! I could see the need for Christian Metal to reach Metalheads both Christian & non Christian. One Christian giving me one Christian Metal album changed my life forever. To God's glory the Metal Jesus has given me over the past 16 years has sold 250,000 units not including all the taped copies floating around poorer countries & not so poor countries.

Steve Rowe

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You probably won't print this, but oh well. First I want to thank you. You see, a while ago, I used to listen to all kinds of evil, satanic music, like Slayer, Death, Dead Kennedys, etc. But then one day, when I was reading Rip, I noticed an ad about Christian metal, so I sent away for you mag. Then, when I got it, I started reading it, thinking it was going to be slow music. I noticed a Living Sacrifice interview, so I went out and bought their CD. I listened to it and was blown away by its heaviness. The I started buying other Christian music and was influenced. I am now a proud subscriber of Heaven's Metal and a major Christian. I also play the guitar and hope one day I, too, will become a Christian metal singer.

--Dave Braun

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"It was 1988. My mom was watching TBN, and Real Videos came on. I happened to catch a Mylon LeFevre video, and it sparked my interest. Then a Stryper video came on, and I liked it too! "A couple of weeks after that, I met a guy who was into a few Christian bands. We talked about what I had seen on Real Videos, and he told me he had some other bands that were more of the style I listened to: Rez, Steve Taylor, Crucified, etc. That really hooked my interest. I ended up going to church with him and became a Christian. I continued to listen to bands like The Crucified and Vengeance. In fact, through the Scripture references on the Vengeance album, I began to read my Bible."

--Johnny Williams

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I have been honored and blessed to be a servant of Jesus in the band Whitecross . In the last 13 years I have seen hundreds of young people all over the world come to the place of surrender unto Jesus as their Savior and Lord. I only hope for more opportunities as youth pastors invite me to speak to their youth.

Scott Wenzel

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"In the Summer of 1989, a friend of mine let me borrow a Whitecross tape. A song on the tape really caught my attention.The chorus went something like, 'My blood has cleansed you, and your sins are remembered no more. Come on, walk with me.' I found myself listening to the song over and over again.

"Later that summer my friend invited me to come to a music festival with her church. I really enjoyed hanging around those people! They reached out to me and invited me to come to church with them. It was later that year that I asked Jesus to forgive me for my sins and come into my life. Christian music still plays a large part in my life. I still see it doing the same in others' lives that it has done in mine!"

--Roy Culver

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"I used to be the heavy metal kid in my school. I did everything--from knowing everything about my favourite bands to dressing like and attempting to live the lifestyle of a 'rockstar'.

"It was through my love of music that a friend got me to listen to bands like Barren Cross, Holy Soldier, and King's X. I'd already heard of Stryper and liked their music. But these other bands were being so out-front with their music. It got me to thinking. Even though I'd been raised in the church, it wasn't real to me. Then I saw people who were like me, who really believed and were able to tell me the truth in ways that I could understand.

"It's amazing to see how God uses people, places, and little things (like the music we listen to) as tools to draw others to Him."

--Sherry Arnold

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"The influence of Christian metal really accelerated my spiritual growth. I was your average Christian 'pew-warmer'. I didn't even know Christian metal existed -- other than Stryper and Petra -- but I liked heavier stuff. Then I was introduced to Vengeance Rising, Mortification, Deliverance and Living Sacrifice. I started to read the lyrics of my secular music and compared it to the Christian bands. I realized how much my secular music was shaping my mind. I really caught on to Christian metal -- even to the point of having my own Christian metal program on the radio.

"My life has really been changed. If I had never found Christian metal, I might have stayed in that complacent rut. It really intensified my walk with Christ."

--John Watts

God continues to draw people's hearts today. Don't forget about the Christian rock tapes sitting on your stereo. You may have a friend right now who needs to borrow some of them!
--Pastor Bob Beeman

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"My name is Pastor Joseph F. Amaral, and I am the Senior Pastor of Sherwood Heights Community Church in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I am a strong believer in Christian Metal Ministry. Stryper was the first Christian band I ever heard. A friend of mine told me about them, then a few days later I saw their "Soldiers Under Command" video on our local music station, (Much Music). I was very impressed by the music and I found the lyrics very interesting. I bought the "Soldiers" album and when I got to the song, "The Rock That Makes Me Roll", the Holy Spirit took hold of my heart and the conviction and power of the Spirit was so heavy on that album that I gave my life to Jesus!!!

I have had the privelage of seeing Stryper twice, once in Buffalo and once in Toronto. The shows were absolutely incredible, not only did Stryper rock, but the presence of God was so sweet and so evident. I am personally grateful to the Lord for the dedicated ministry of Stryper. I know that I am not the only one whose life was changed as a result of their faithfulness to Christ. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I wish them God's richest blessing on them and their families. As a result of their ministry, I am now a minister leading others to Christ."

--Pastor Joseph Amaral

Several things happened right on the heels of one another, like subsequent shots from a gun, and that was what led to my salvation. First I moved to a new town. It's never fun being the new kid in school, and that experience was no different for me. Second, I had been rather disenchanted with the radio songs for a while-- I mean they played some good songs, but usually the same junk over and over again. When I happened upon "Foolin" by Def Leppard one day, it blew my mind. I was hooked. This was *REAL* music, played by people who felt the same pain as I did. Life sure wasn't a popsong to me.

I heard "Honestly" by Stryper on the radio one day and I liked it immediately. But I had no money, and so I was talking to this guy in my Biology class, and he came over after school and made me a copy of the tape. God provided me signs of what was to come: great music, and a great friend (that guy is still one of my friends today). At first I couldn't get into the lyrics. I was thinking, "This dudes *can't* be Christians. They're not saying "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus all the time. I mean Christians can't play guitar soloes!" It didn't make much sense, my thinking, but I had never been exposed to the marriage of heavy music and holy lyrics. Through the witness of my friend, and all the great music (and great lyrics, as they made a home in my heart), I was won over to Christ. I saw real love in action and I felt the lacking in my life, so when Jesus called for me, I ran to Him.


I will forever hold Stryper as one of my all time favorite bands. I sure hope they get back together. Anyway, I wanted to say that at the time I became aware of Stryper I was going through my teen years. As most people will agree with as being one of the most confusing times in a person's life. I grew up in a christian family and to this day I still have a strong faith in what I believe in. However, during my teens I will admit to "backsliding" a little. That's when I heard Stryper. They helped to keep me on the straight and narrow. It appealed to me that you can be a christian and still rock. As far as the part about some people thinking that it is wrong, well I just got one comment about that. If people are being drawn to Christ and are wanting to learn more, whether it be going to church or simply reading a bible----WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE WERE IT CAME FROM as long as people are wanting to learn more. God works in mysterious ways and I believe that God uses whatever means is necessary to show to his children that he is in their lives and ready to accept them when they call upon him.

--Todd Morgan

Well my testimony is a little different. I was raised in a christian home but I got away from the Lord. I feel it was christian metal that brought me back.

I was saved when I was 7 but I didn't know anything about living the life or things like that. I thought that once I was saved then I could just rest and relax. Well the devil got me and for about 5 years I backslid. I never got into drugs or alcohol because of my background but i got into secular metal like Metallica, Korn and White Zombie and my mouth was worse than a sailor!

Well High School came and in 10th grade i became good friends with a christian guy named Tommy Hinton. Well it wasn't til the beginning of 11th grade that I actually began to feel the impact of God in my life. Realize that since I was about 8 I had been listening to Petra and Whitecross then in about 6th grade i graduated into Mortification and Deliverance and have gotten into more and more christian metal. Well the lyrics then didn't mean anything until I felt God calling me back to Him and then everything changed. I got rid of all my secular albums (I now no longer listen to ANY secular music whatsoever) and have expanded my christian metal collection. Christian music has become a big part of my life and I believe it now helps me in my daily walk and to helps me to witness. I'm now a totally on fire for God metalhead that would love to see the world changed! Praise God!!!!

--Mark James

My life is different because of Christ Jesus. One of the best ways I have encountered Jesus is through the music of Tourniquet. Their lyrics are from the Bible, so that makes them useful for teaching me, rebuking me, correcting me, and training me in righteousness. An example of teaching lyrics can come from Somnambulism. "Blessed is the man who dwells in the unapproachable light, it will open a window that empties the darkness of your soul. If we walk in the light as He is in the light He will purify us." This teaches me that I must do as God wants to walk in his light and be purified of my sins. A rebuking lyric comes out of Exoskeletons. "Look around and I will show you now a world that needs a way out. Look around and then look at yourself because you can help them out." This rebukes me because this world needs a way out called Jesus Christ and I can help them out in presenting Jesus to them, which I don't always get done.

Correction can be found in Pecking Order. "Who made you the judge of me, Turn away and just let me be. The notion that we're better than them the ultimate dilusional gem. ... Look to Him and you will see the only judge for you and me." This corrects me from thinking sometimes that I am better than anyone else. In God's view we are all sinners, none worse than the other. How quickly I can forget this sometimes.

The righteousness training comes through out their lyrics, but Vanishing Lessons provides a good example. "Things we acquire mean fuel for the fire, The feeling is gone then our soul we will pawn. Dollars for happiness, that's what the world tells us, Pour all yourself into the pursuit of wealth." With the get get get attitude how can we even hope to live righteous lives? Stop and look at everything around you. Think of the outside of the building you're in. The earth and everything on it will be burned up at the end. None of it will help in the eternal picture. I have met Ted, Aaron, Luke, Gary, Victor, and Erik. The guys are all just like us. They hold jobs and live lives in pretty much the same way we do. They are no better or worse people than we are.

--Robert Adams or Bob

My testimony is "small" but "big". When i was just six years old my mother and I accepted Jesus. I even grew up at church with sisters and brothers ( the family of God ), but as the time passed and i was growing i started feeling as an insignificant person. This feeling of inferiority increased day by day making me a suicidal teenager, it was so terrible that i just thought about commiting suicide, all thoughts through my mind made me feel suicidal. It seemed to me that there wasn't solutions to my questions... And this lasted until I was twenty years old. It was november/ 1999, and my birthday. My mother gave me two cds of Petra, Double take and Petra Praise 2. When i heard this second one I was touched so deeply that I cried all the night.

After this moment my life started changing every day, every morning became new. For me what it was "black and white" now it's colorful... Rock changed my life ! Jesus is the rock ! And it's so interesting because it was against my church and principles, that believed that rock is devil music.

And there are others bands that make part of this change that started with Petra : Guardian, Whitecross, Bride, Stryper, a lot of bands that really have a real commitment to God and His Words, Tourniquet, Mortification etc. I love rock to thrash metal, hard core and the like...

Blessings from the south of Brazil,

Bianca Klock

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